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Memory Box
Reklama: Žaidimas kraunamas 10
Žaidimo informacija
Memory Box
70 žaidė
Įdėta: 2013-10-11
Aprašymas: This game to check your memory power. starting of the game to four it have four squares each square have an one small image object except one square. You correctly identify the image square. If you find correctly your Score will be increase otherwise your score will be decrease. It has many levels each level has small difference Because the image object square is increase. If you go the next level difficulty also increase.
Instrukcija: Click the start button to start the game
It have many boxes it show the image in 1 second you memories that image place
The image will be hiding after 1 second now you find the correct box
If you find correctly your score will be increase
It has many levels but each level have certain time limit to find that images
If you not find that images in time the game will be over.
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