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Magical Adventure Fairy Dress up
Reklama: Žaidimas kraunamas 10
Žaidimo informacija
Magical Adventure Fairy Dress up
63 žaidė
Įdėta: 2013-10-11
Aprašymas: Today we're going to learn a little about this cute fairy's taste in fashion. As you might already know she studies at the Fairy high along with Nancy, Jamelia and other beautiful fairies. She has beautiful long hair that stops just above her knees so in this game you could definitely try some beautiful hairstyles, her favorite colours are pink and green, colours which you will find in her makeups and on the clothes in her wardrobe. After taking care of her haircut and make up, get her a fashionable dress, some socks, shoes, pick her the right accessories and some magic fairy wings to complete her outfit. Enjoy!
Instrukcija: Play this game using only the mouse.
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